Gender Fluid Cashier Gives Cold Shoulder to Cis Males They’re Forced to Ring Up at Co-Op

EUGENE, Ore. (BN) — A cashier at a local co-op who identifies as gender fluid told Brimborion News on Tuesday that they are fed up with obviously cis-male customers expecting them to bag their groceries, or even hand them over after being rung up. 

“I just feel like they have it coming,” cashier Mahalo Shatailo said.  “I mean, they get everything else, like, handed to them in this world.  Why their $8 worth of groceries?  They can bag it on their own.  And, like, itemized receipt?  How about itemizing all the psychic damage they’ve done to society?”

Shatailo, who not only identifies as gender fluid but also gray-ace, also prefers to limit the things they say in conversation to other cis-males, keeping their initial greeting terse, yet professional. 

“I never ask them, ‘How’s it going?’  I already know.  ‘Great!’  It’s going great.  Like, they don’t have to worry about racial profiling, the wage gap, the glass ceiling, redlining, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, fighting the Patriarchy, you know.  They are the Patriarchy!’

Benjamin Givens, a customer at the co-op where Shatailo works, said, “The girl with all the tattoos and facial piercings?  Yeah, I know her.  I always try to be friendly, smile a lot.  It seems like there’s a lot going on there.”