Man in Red Cape Always Holding Small Guitar Wishes People Would Stop Thinking He’s a Superhero Who Plays a Small Guitar

EUGENE, Ore. (BN) – A Eugene man seen around town in a red cape, clutching the neck of a children’s guitar, is wistfully concerned that people are starting to put too much faith in his ability to assist citizens in need.  Otande Freeman, 25, recently told Brimborion News that he gets stopped several times a day, bombarded with questions about his cape, his guitar, and whether or not he’s a superhero who plays a guitar. 

Once he was even asked to help a woman retrieve her stolen purse. 

Frequently seen outside the 7-11 on the corner of 7th and Jefferson wearing a vibrant velvet cape reminiscent of a comic book hero, Fremont wants people to know that he is, in fact, not a superhero, and sometimes commits crimes, himself. 

“I ain’t walking around looking to help protect nobody,” Freeman said.  “Sometimes I get up to doing no good, and people need protecting from me.  I ain’t saying I’m a criminal, but I can’t help nobody solve their crimes.  I may be the perpetrator of that crime, you know what I’m saying?  I know who she talking about, that man that stole that lady’s purse.  I would’ve stole it, too, he hadn’t beaten me to it.  But I ain’t saying I’m a criminal.  I just ain’t no superhero.”