Man with Stolen Dog Helps Neighborhood Search for Other Stolen Dog

EUGENE, Ore. (BN) – A man allegedly owning a dog he either stole or acquired from someone who stole it originally has decided to help search for a lost dog in his neighborhood, sources told Brimborion News. 

Damian Henderson, 48, said he chose to take part in the effort to locate the missing ‘Mr. Jimson’ out of a sense of obligation to give back to the area in which he resides.  “Everyone around here is really cool, really nice,” said Henderson.  “I just want to help this lady find her lost dog.  I can’t imagine what that feels like.”

Ironically, many in the area also recognize Mr. Henderson as the man who owns a dog that looks identical to a grown-up version of ‘Bunky’, whose face still graces two or three faded posters which cling to telephone poles on and around Blair Ave.

“About six years ago, I remember seeing these posters everywhere for this puppy, which kind of looked like that dog from The Little Rascals, you know?” said Alyssa Johnson, 37, a local resident.  “That creepy guy in the trench coat over there used to walk it everywhere.  Like, everywhere.  I was amazed he was so brazen about it.  The posters were impossible to miss.”

Asked if she thought Mr. Henderson wasn’t, in fact, the real owner of the missing puppy, Ms. Johnson replied, “There’s no way that guy had access to a computer—or even the wherewithal if he did—to print up that many posters.  There were, like, fifty of them all over the two square miles from here to the river park.  They were all clean and well-written, too.  And laminated?  I don’t mean to judge, but, no, it wasn’t him.”

“I can hear you. This is my dog,” Mr. Henderson replied from across the street.

“Someone actually called the number and the owner of the dog wound up confronting the guy,” said Colm Mahoney, 40, another area resident.  “He was like, ‘What are you talking about?  This is my dog.’  I was there.  The cops showed up and were like, ‘This picture doesn’t match the description of the missing dog.’  It had grown up in like the three months or whatever since it disappeared, and that was enough to make it seem like another dog, apparently.  It was the same dog, though.  I didn’t see what picture they were looking at, but it obviously wasn’t any of the pictures around here.” 

When asked if she thought Mr. Henderson had stolen the dog, the owner of the current lost dog, Laura Crimfeld, 31, replied, “What?  What are you talking about?  My dog is missing.  I don’t care about some other dog.  I’m looking to find my dog.  Right now.  What the hell are you talking about?”