Nomadic Girl with Three Dudes around Her At All Times Just Wants a Reliable Man

EUGENE, Ore. (BN) — An itinerant woman who’s been calling Eugene home for three weeks now is on the lookout for a responsible man she can one day call her life partner.  Sesquihana Darby, 26, told Brimborion News she’s ready to settle down, though not ready to stop traveling the country, calling a renovated school bus that she doesn’t own her home.

“I’m just looking for someone who’ll listen, who’ll process this whole experience with me on my journey,” said Darby. “Someone totally free and unburdened, but also completely grounded and 100% mature at the same time.”

Kevin Jiggins, 27, a man she met in Florida and owner of the bus, said, “We just got to replace a busted valve and then we’ll be out of here, we’ll be off the street.  We’ll be gone in a few days.  Is this your building?”

And Daniel Moynihan, 26, another man she met in Florida and friend of Mr. Jiggins, said, “Yeah, Sessie and me are talking about getting married right when we hit Burning Man.  Why, what did she tell you?”

Although she has been living with Messrs. Jiggins and Moynihan for several months, Darby has been spotted being picked up in a Volkswagen Doka by a third individual, witnesses say, who appears to be at least twice her age.

“I’ve seen that girl pawing both those scuzzballs, when she’s not screaming at them or balling her eyes out for no reason, and then she goes out with a third guy, who comes and gets her.  Gotta be in his sixties,” said, Daniel Scriemens, 36, a tenant in the apartment complex in front of which the bus has been parked.  “I don’t know what the hell is going on, and I don’t want to know.”

“Oh, that’s just Kenneth,” Darby said, referring to the third gentleman.  “He takes me over to the Food Bank every week to get some food and supplies.  He’s just a friend.”

Darby says she has plans to make her way to Redway, California, where her cousin owns a marijuana farm, and perhaps find her soulmate there amidst the many acres of varied indica strains for which the farm is known.

“I’ve just been following what the wind and the stars have been telling me.  But I feel like now they’ve been saying to go and find my life partner—you know, someone who sees all the imperfections and vulnerabilities in me.  That is, as long as he gives me space, can provide for me and my two kids back home one day and doesn’t bring me along for rides on his dump truck of spiritual and emotional garbage.”