True Moments in American History

The ghosts of scumbag lawyers and politicians past ponder the inability of Rudy Giuliani to practice law anymore. Somewhere in Hell, 2021.
Donald Trump talks about his upcoming impeachment trial as president, 2019.
Like a cat standing on a discarded mirror in an alleyway and then gazing down, George W. Bush suddenly realizes that he has absolutely no fucking idea what’s going on or what he’s doing here, 2000.
President Kennedy becomes the first person to get a blowjob at a podium while delivering a speech, 1962, paving the way for Comdt. Lassard to get one some 22 years later during his commencement address to the cadets of the Metropolitan Police Academy.
Young Algimantas Kaszlowskus unwittingly invents the glory hole, 1900.
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover Shakes Hands with Mrs. Henry Martyn Robert, Jr., 1940.
The Signing of the Declaration of Independence, 1776.
President Richard Nixon Meets with The Crew of The Apollo 11, 1969.