Two Men, High on Meth, Have Electric Scooter Race Down the Street

EUGENE, Ore. (BN) — Two men, high on what was alleged to be methamphetamine, occupied the bicycle lane on 1st Avenue for approximately 15 seconds between Monroe St. and Van Buren Thursday night to take part in what appeared to be a race to the Quick Stop Food Store.

The race ended abruptly when the two scooters crashed into the curb, flinging the two men several feet into the bushes and parking lot.

Darren Riddlehome, 31, who witnessed the race, told Brimborion News, “I don’t know if they realized what was actually going on. One of them jumped the curb and slammed into a pole, face first, and the other one just ate it into those trees over there. Then they just left the scooters on the ground and walked away in different directions, talking to themselves.”

When asked who he thought may have won the race, Riddlehome replied, “I’d say it was probably a tie.”