Why These Guys Suck

While, as a general rule, we don’t tend to listen to any opinions that aren’t of the legally binding/threatening variety, here is, nonetheless, your chance to tell the world why you think we suck.  Could be anything you like.  Leave us your opinions in the “Comment” section of the Contact page and they’ll wind up here.  No insult is too insulting!  No erroneous statement too erroneous!  No stupidity not to be outdone!  No grammatizational errors not to be corected!


Let’s see, I hate this site because, or this site is stupid or whatever because…I don’t know.  Retroverted uterus.

-Ho F.


I’m a Bolshevik COCKSWAIN! Retroverted uterus!

-Kaplan G.


I refuse wholeheartedly to take part in this.

-Bill K.


This whole site seems like it was written by one dude.  With some other dude.

Jimmy L.