Woman Seeks to Become Pregnant Solely for the Purpose of Experiencing What It’s Like to Be Pregnant

EUGENE, Ore. (BN) – A Eugene woman has decided she wants to become a mother, and isn’t concerned with sweating the small stuff regarding the ins-and-outs of child rearing.  Angel McCarron, 34, told Brimborion News she would like to experience the 9 months of carrying a child to term, specifically and exclusively to know what it’s like.

“I’m just curious about the changes in my body during the process, you know?” said McCarron.  “Like, wow—what an amazing experience that would be!  I’ve done a lot in my life, traveled all over the country, been in a throuple, been a unicorn, a dom, submissive, taken part in a communal orgy, but this is, like, something totally different, and I feel I’m open and ready right now to really see what it’s like.”

While she currently has a part-time job counseling trouble teens at Looking Glass, and rents a room with two other women in Southeast Eugene, she doesn’t see how lack of financial or domestic stability should affect any of her choices.

“My best friend is a midwife, my other best friend is a doula, my mom told me I could use her living room space to have the birth, so everything’s all lined up.  I just need the donor.”

While sperm donation is a viable option for many women, and the decision to be made aware of the donor’s name and background has gained much popularity in recent years, McCarron has decided on a more direct approach: finding someone she already knows to just have sex with her.  Asked if she had someone in mind yet to father her child, McCarron replied, “No, not yet.  But several of my guy friends told me they’d be willing to impregnate me, just to have the experience themselves.  So that’s not a problem.”