S.M.I.L.E! Campaign

We teamed up with S.M.I.L.E!, the Social Media Influencer trade organization, for a media campaign which aimed to bring another face, the one you don’t normally see on your computer and phone, onto your computer and phone.

We started out by asking ourselves, ‘What is social media influencing all about, in a nutshell?’




Then we set about creating ads to reach the demographic most responsive and susceptible to influencing, holding, in such cases, to the venerable ‘Impact’ font, which research has shown is the font most likely to appeal to such a demographic.




We also wanted to show how being an Influencer wasn’t all luxury hotels in Dubai, breakfasts in Bali or hot air balloons in Cappadocia.




As not only a nod to future generations of Influencers, we also wanted to highlight the importance of family in the current age of social media influencing.




And, finally, we wanted to create posters that really conveyed the emotion and drive behind the actions and decisions of an Influencer:




This was a recruitment poster we developed, working closely with the top members of S.M.I.L.E!




And here was an ad that finally got down to the nitty gritty of it all: Business.  That is, the business of hiring out the member Influencers of S.M.I.L.E! so they could get PAID!