SEPO’s Extended Product Campaign

We teamed up with the randos at SEPO’s®, a needless crap-generating brand for hipsters out of Portland, Oregon, to bring their brand of unique-yet-blasé crypto-cool to the rest of the hipster world.

The primary difficulty we discovered at the outset of this campaign was in trying to get other hipsters to realize that anything that wasn’t invented in their own town wasn’t to be de facto ignored, or thrashed as “unoriginal,” even if nothing else like it factually existed anywhere else in the known world.

We overcame that obstacle by just not giving a shit.


The Port(land)able Garden

Our PG packets provide all you need to get that grow-on-the-go vibe flowing all day long. Manifesting your own personal O² levels, fragrance and/or organic snack, our non-GMO seeds have been non-genetically modified to take hold and to be continually fertilized by the natural oils and grease that collect in your unwashed hair and beard. SEPO’s® Port(land)able Garden™. Commute with Mother Earth. Also available in Grow-in-Purse™ variety.



The S.U.K.

You woke up at 10.  Bong rips.  PBR.  Nibbled some multigrain toast.  With tahini.  Stepped outside, hammered a few nails into your back patio.  Laid some 2 x 4’s.  Went into the office.  Redefined the agenda for your brand’s mission statement.  It went well. PBR.  Had a late lunch: aubergine teriyaki bowl with spinach and lentil soup.  More PBR.  Biked to the bike-only pub after work.  Some IPA with friends.  Got home, walked your pittie.  Bong rips.  PBR.  Planned that Yosemite trip with your partner.  Burning Man’s coming soon.  Thought about your future.  And you did it with your balls feeling free.  All in all, it was a good day in your S.U.K.