Steam Whistle News Feed – November 18, 2022

So, this week it’ll be back to news on Trump.  Like he were the g–damn president again.  Which you can better believe he won’t be.  Not ever again.  My money’s on his not even getting the nomination in 2024.  Plenty of Republican candidates are already pointing out how bad he was for the country, and how voting for him would only dial the country’s reality clock back some eight years.  Which is ironic, because that’s fundamentally the point of conservatism: regressing the country back not eight years but eighty to the big, Baby Boom post war era, when the demographics that make up the majority of the party today (i.e. religious folks, non-college educated White men and rural Southerners—basically generic White people, who make up 81 out of every 100 registered Republicans as of 2019) were the ones calling the shots.  In civic society and the American business world, things were booming not just for babies (and their breeders), but for much (but not all) of White America, as it had been since the convening of the Constitutional Convention.

But times have changed. Not for Trump, however, and those questionable sensibilities of his. I mean, except for the lawsuits, which his lawyers have been sweating over since 1973. But for the pissed-off Americans that voted him into office the first time around—working class people tired of neoliberalism, a lack of protections, insouciant bureaucracy and wasteful government spending—times are different. Many of them will likely not be voting for Trump again. Because Trump had his chance. And put up very little of what he said he would, while saying all he could to keep his self-image impeccable, or at the very least situationally victimized when blame was inescapably forthcoming.

Now, for the rotting pumpkin that is Trump (and his kin), the wolves are closing in.  And anything else that actually eats metaphorical rotting pumpkins.  Metaphorical opossums.  Metaphorical rats.  Metaphorical cockroaches. Metaphorical maggots.  How else can we describe the worst of conservative America?

I’m guessing half the politicians and newspeople who publicly supported Trump and his stolen election ruse (by now the two are synonymous, Trump having lost whatever political identity he ever possessed after having been locked out of respectable social media, and all that’s left is a half-bigot/half-ruse hybrid of a man) knew he was a fumbling turd, only now it’s okay to say it.  Because all the other popular kids are.  They were waiting on the results of the “red wave” that was supposed to hit this month, and when it didn’t and little changed in Congress, peer pressure and the green light of common douchebag consensus gave them an open avenue to criticize.  Publications and media houses that had backed him in the past have now turned on him, like the best that cancel culture has to offer.  Bigger-named politicians are basically ignoring him, like the diseased, hatchling butterflies that they are, finally pupating out of his identity and into their own (or so it seems after more than seven years of Trumpism).  And, in Wisconsin, the rabid, Trump-supporting chair of the state elections committee has been kicked out of the entire group by the other Republicans, because they just don’t trust her anymore.

And because the red wave came in merely as a wimpy little breaker onto the political shores of America. With some chum floating in it. And a little bit of flotsam, too, from the largest of the poorly-built Republican warships.

And so now, the lawsuits against Trump directly are going to continue, unabated (that would be the one about his illegally interfering in the results of the 2020 election; the one about those top-secret documents he absconded to Florida with and the one about his maybe trying to overturn the results of the presidential election in Georgia), despite his announcement to run again for president.  And all that, while the tax fraud trial against The Trump Organization is underway and CFO Allen Weisselberg is taking the stand (among others) and singing like a canary in a haze of noxious gases. 

Also coming to light is how much bigwigs in foreign governments and autocracies had been spending at the former Trump Hotel in Washington, right around the time they were visiting the States and in need of a small favor from Trump and his administration.  Fat cat back scratching at its finest.  Not that this is the first such a report.  A couple years ago, I remember reading about Trump gouging the Secret Service (meaning you, the American taxpayer) after making them stay at his hotels and his hotels alone, for a total of around $1.4 million in taxpayer cash over the course of his presidency. 

Trump’s also been allowed back on Twitter, thank you very much Elon Musk and the bogus Twitter poll he used for his reasoning.  (Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t get no bogus Twitter poll before she got allowed back!  Think about it.)  He’s been tweetless in the days following, Trump has, probably because he’s locked into his own social media site, and because, being the big name in Trump Media & Technology Group and having investors and future shareholders to answer to, he doesn’t want stocks to tank anymore on the company he needs to merge with to go public—Digital World Acquisition Corp.—which, since Elon Musk made his first Twitter announcement in April and pretty much nullified the purpose of Trump needing his own social media platform, they have. They’re down to 14% of what they were a year before. 

So, in the end, why all the focus on Trump this week?  Because of clicks, ad revenue, or outright revenge, as in the case of, say, CNN?  No.  Though the new chief at the network recently promised not to spend so much time and money this time around throwing Trump-based nonsense into the faces of so many Americans, it had no doubt been a profitable endeavor while they had. But no.

So, why? Because this man is America and its longstanding, popular divisiveness; its unfeeling, blanched underbelly; its woodwork, raging termite population; the mistrust of its own federal government; its narcissism, bigotry, hatred and its desire to foment chaos. And now, he plans on returning.