5 Ways to Man Living with Variance Potential for Erectile Power (She Melt When Read This)

According to many culture, erectile power define place for man in society. Also, woman favor man with erection, because firm erection of sexual organ is necessary for propagating child, healthy and blissful. Otherwise, to enter womb, flaccid organ is attempt to hide flat weather balloon in culvert, or stash corpse of snake into bottle to choose prank on friend.

Therefore, many man fear loss of erectile power.  In this article, it shall be discussed how man can live happy and longevity without claim of firm erectile manhood.  First, reasons for misplace of mechanism when achieve penile turgidity.

Why Does Man Experience Flaccid Power of Erection? 

The cause for loss of erectile power in man are various and innumerable, mental and physical reasoning.  From physical aspect, numerous complication from diseased heart or diabetes number to primary cause, order from abuse of alcohol, tobacco or sleep deprivation find next in list of casualty.  Also, scar tissue in penis leave problem for erection in man, so admonish boy not to tug or carve with knife on penis, when sexual curiosity is strong and prepubescent (also know as Peyronie’s disease).

Further, complication from erectile power dysfunction may resulting in adult man. Leading to unsatisfactory sex life with partner; stress or anxiety feeding positive feedback loop of greater loss of fertile endeavor; embarrassment or low esteem of public shame; and inability to get wife, girlfriend or female common law partner pregnant, which may result in wandering eye and low fidelity in woman.

However, with careful planning and correct edification, man can continue to find fulfillment with lifestyle, living with misfunction of engorge toward sex organ profusion. 

1. Embrace Other Gender on Spectrum

Today, acknowledgement to plurality of gender is widely acceptable, but for government perched on right wing spectrum, or entirety of Judeo-Christianized Africa.  Much of gender even have color design with flag, as declaration of nation-state or sovereign principality.  Because of loss of erectile turgidity, man may find himself suddenly on spectrum of asexual, seeking to prosper under distinct banner of new flag.  (Hetero man flag not yet find establish.)  While hetero man may not have sensitivity to other gender, experience of flaccid may open his eyes to other decision of life, joyful and psychosexual abundance and prosperity.

2. If Erectile Loss Is Forecast, Cultivate Semen

Very large industry is saving egg in woman uterus for purpose of experiencing child in later life, preferable with surrogate uterus of younger woman.  Contrary to popular belief, man make no sex with younger woman by approval of wife, however woman take previously ejaculated man seed and make embryo, thus have implant into uterus of other, excited and fertility.

But man may protect gamete, too! Much like horse or bull, semen can be saved and implanted in woman of choosing, as prize mare or blue-ribbon cow. Problem may arise in man later in life for semen, but if man stay active and strong, he can produce child in old age, famous celebrity of Mick Jagger or Tony Randall!

3. Learn to Listen to Woman When Conversing. Also Man, If Man-Partnered

There is much more to relationship than penetration and coitus (known as sexual intercourse), relationship builds by social and personal action, dialogue with partner. Many elderly couple testify to importance of commonality and conversation in marriage when sexual activity decline, couple forced to find other ways to tolerate intrusion of presence. As man may find stereotyped fame for being unfortunate listener, developing interpersonal speaking skills inverse to losing girth in member may redeem partnership for longevity of union, satisfying emotional in woman, greater release of vasopressin, as watershed data of laboratory vole is indication. Man-partner, too.

4. Polish Technique of Cunnilingus

Due to physiological nature, man may forget that woman seek experience of pleasure, summiting of sexual orgasm spasmodically.  Anatomy of woman is little different from man, only vagina direct inward versus protrusion of penis shaft, and clitoris nub is like small head of penis, enjoyable for stimulation. Thusly, offer of lubrication for pathway of sperm to uterus, decrease of friction.  But as man builds fervent adolescent cult around receiving fellatio, so woman appreciate oral pleasure.  For tools, man only need bring clean fingers and tongue to party.

If man is partnered to man, fellatio is ingrained intuitive, so no polishing of technique is necessary.  However, during act, slang of fellatio also humorous described as ‘polishing of knob’, so “polishing” of glans of penis, also frenulum (or ‘Adam apple of penis’) is colloquial and admired.  

5. Be Certain to Get Internal Maintenance of Penis

If man is no longer erect, he can no longer eject. Protracted dearth of male ejaculate may mean for problems to arise in epididymis, vas deferens and ejaculatory duct in anatomical pubic area of man. Sperm blockage might end result (otherwise known as obstructive azoospermia). While uncommon outcome, procedures are available to correct issue, such as vasoepididymostomy, vasovasostomy and TURED, issue much likely due to infection, injury or defect, and not force of celibacy.

Speaking with doctor about state of unwanted flaccidity, man may find many issue lurking in shadows of condition, including work stress, loveless partnership or wife browbeating with demand for greater checklist of husband. Fortunately, many remedy have come to well-documented about erectile dysfunction (also know as ED), including increase in activity, exercise, healthy lifestyle, positive thinking and dietary supplement such as oyster, ginkgo biloba or tiger penis. However, if man is unable to cure prolonged ED, many ways exist to foster happy, healthy lifestyle with self and others, lacking cultural and sexual manhood.