5 Lessons for Protection of Man While Urinating (Its Genius)

Urinating is process of life-sustaining, expulsion of waste maintains health and disease-free in current body of condition.  But as mechanical process can be performed, factors persist to flummox man while undergoing ritual, causing much problem for current and future health.  No vastness of concentration can deter flummox, discussion for prior and post-urination we will cover elsewhere in future time.  However, at present, we talk regarding safety of man while expulsion of urine with care.

But first, discussion of what is urine flow?

What is Urine Flow?

In many living mammal, fluid cellular waste collects in the bladder, after pass through kidneys out of blood from ureter, urethra carry out of orifice after passing three stages of ‘prostatic’, ‘membranous’ and ‘spongy’, as like actual sponge, only embedded in penis.  Prostate also intimate partner to urethral tube in man upon traveling to egress.  This process is normal function when body is not victim of blockage by stone, myth of candiru fish or infectious bacteria, symptom of urethritis

Assuming all process of healthy flow, what happens when person has incident during stream, ejecting waste to urinal, toilet, open pit, urophiliac or rubbish heap in alley outside pub or tavern?  In this case, man?  Here are 5 of most common incident for man exclusive, and how he can understand from preventing.

1. Suppress Cough While Urine Flow is Stream

Reflexive expel air from lungs, otherwise known as cough, with urinating can be troublesome.  Since cough and urination are not mutually exclusive, potential for hazard of cough can develop, especially if man smoke or asthmatic, live in desert or inhale profusion of cheap cosmetic.  Remedy to occur is breathe of air without closing vocal cords or glottis over windpipe, expressing less impact through body, few vibrations thus entering urethra, mitigate pain involved in urinating. 

2. Also While Urinate, Hold Back Concussive of Sneeze

Similar process to cough, sneeze can enact quarrel with process of urine expulsion.  If cough is compared like jackhammer on urine flow, sneeze is being called Fat Man or Little Boy, nickname for first atomic bomb.  If you find sneeze encroaching, hold nose with inhale, then release with close mouth and exclusive exhale through nasal passage.  Repeat procedure.  If this does not stop approach, prepare to brace man’s self for squeeze of urethra by fist of sneeze.

3. If Desired to Pee in Shower, Do Not Express Nude to Shower Head

Reports of many man enjoying warmth and relaxation of shower time causes urine to run free, like weakness in hydroelectric dam. But care is need taken for suction to prevent intake of shower water to urethral passage, just like real life candiru fish, not for misfortune exclusively of myth! Due to tight enclosed space in urethra, backdraft of pressure vacuum likely can forcing tiny quantity of water inside tube. And since much water flow during shower time, increase of likelihood into passage while urinate, much pain is noticeable in area not meant for housing foreign intruder, exceptional treacherous! If man desire to pee, patience is recommend until shower has ceased, furthermore to semicircular rotation of torso for protecting orifice from splash or internal seep by impetuous droplet.

4. Never Expose Organ of Expulsion to Flame

No one knows may have certain why man would dangle penis, exposing over searing flame, but in case man knows inebriation and is feeling pressure by peers to spill urine into fire, we recommend redoubling of thought, cognizance strongly!  Perhaps designated pilot of motorcar with sobriety may solicit for opinion of matter.

5. Put to Lock Bathroom Door to Prevent Surprise of Ingress

Although urine flow is natural occurrence, many man feel embarrassment for urinate, and do not enjoy outside viewership.  Learning of viewership during urination can cause man to command prostate and tighten flow from urethra, stream restriction.  This is not healthy for urethra, as pressure may greaten yield recursive flow.  Much pain is noted to be expressed.  Also, man may reflexively use palm of hand to stop flow, which is futile and dousing. 

Further, if masturbation in man is frequent, urethral milking as commercial bovine may find favorable prior to urinate, necessity of locking door.  Copulation with woman, such as relevance of matter, additionally.  Also, talk with doctor of mental health may be necessary, if man finds compulsion frequently with masturbation.

Such lesson of activity we hope will deter man from finding discomfort while streaming urine, a natural and often desirous process, noted for gratification on sexual level, very pleasing! Finally, speak with medical doctor of prostate love and attentive. Do not hesitate to schedule for apply real-life candiru fish into urethra for problem discovery, known as cystoscopy probe, practical over painful. Doctor can provide many avenue to safeguard for expulsion of fluid waste, otherwise known as urine.