Nobody Knows History, Nobody Understands Context

At my first ever, week-long summer church camp (I was 11 and a practicing Lutheran at the time), I and the token skater/heavy metal kid of the lot—who used a ballpoint pen to tattoo the letters O-Z-Z-Y on his knuckles once a day—were tasked with being in charge of setting up viewing of the afternoon’s … Continue reading Nobody Knows History, Nobody Understands Context

Why Do You Let That Nonsense Get to You?

People react to things.  It’s a crucial part of how our central nervous systems function as living organisms.  Burns, freezes, pain, possible further pain, possible death—humans are going to yank away their body parts or duck underneath something if suspect any harm will come to them, and possibly live longer as a result...

yellow wasp

The Hornet and the Hive Mind

Fallacy of the hive mind – 1.) Inferring that someone who makes a comment which aligns with a consensus political opinion or movement on social media possesses the same deep, ingrained, singular, core principles or characteristics as that group or movement.  2.) Erroneously clumping people into a spuriously-named, demographically or sociologically unofficial group because they agree with, voice their opinion regarding or argue in favor of a consensus opinion which is temporarily influential, on social media or elsewhere.

Into the Mind of a Billionaire

Take a person.  Make it you.  Take you.  Now, imagine you’ve made enough money to never work again in your life.  A billion dollars, say.  But say you don’t.  That is, don’t never work again in your life.  Because this is real life; because, practically, if you stop working, you won’t have your billion dollars … Continue reading Into the Mind of a Billionaire